Up Helly Aa 2002
Up Helly Aa Songs - Up Helly Aa Song

Up-Helly-Aa Song
Lyrics – J J Burgess
Music – Thomas Manson

From grand old Viking centuries Up-Helly-Aa has come,
Then light the torch and form the march, and sound the rolling drum,
And wake the mighty memories of heroes that are dumb,
The waves are rolling on.

        Grand old Vikings ruled upon the ocean vast,
        Their brave battle-songs still thunder on the blast,
        Their wild war-cry comes a-ringing from the past,
                We answer it "A-oi"!
        Roll their glory down the ages,
        Sons of warriors and sages,
        When the fight for Freedom rages,
                Be bold and strong as they!

Of yore, our firey fathers sped upon the Viking Path,
Of yore, their dreaded dragons braved the ocean in its wrath,
And we, their sons, are reaping now their glory’s aftermath,
The waves are rolling on.

In distant lands, their raven-flag flew like a blazing star;
And foreign foemen, trembling, heard their battle-cry afar,
And they thundered o’er the quaking earth, those mighty men of war.
The waves are rolling on.

On distant seas, their dragon-prows went gleaming outward bound,
The storm-clouds were their banners, and their music ocean’s sound,
And we, their sons, go sailing still the wide earth round and round,
The waves are rolling on.

No more Thor’s lurid hammer flames against the northern sky,
No more from Odin’s shining halls the dark Valkyrior fly,
Before the light the heathen night went rolling by,
The waves are rolling on.

We are the sons of mighty sires, whose souls were staunch and strong,
We sweep upon our serried foes, the hosts of hate and wrong,
The glory of a gander age has fired our battle-song,
The waves are rolling on.

Our galley is the people’s right, the dragon of the free,
The right that rising in its might, brings tyrants to their knee,
The flag that flies above us is the love of liberty,
The waves are rolling on.

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