Brae and Muckle Roe area map - Shetland Isles

Area Includes - Brae, Burravoe, Busta, Busta Voe, Gillarona, Knowe, Mavis Grind, Olna, Olna Firth,

Roesund, Saltness, South Ham, Southpund, Waddersta

Brae Junior High, Brae Leisure Centre, Brae Swimming Pool, Burravoe, Busta Voe,

Delting Boating Club, Gossaford, Gallowburn, Hevaland, Housaquoi, Sullom Voe Sub Aqua Club,


Business include - Bank of Scotland, Brae Building Centre, Brae Garage, Brae Stores,

Central Garage, Mid Brae Inn, Nicholson Plant Hire

Accommodation - Brae Hotel, Busta House Hotel, Valleyfield Guest House - Camp Site

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Olna Olna Firth Waddersta Junction Waddersta Waddersta Saltness Saltness - Nicholsons Plant Hire Brae Village Muckle Roe Junction Busta Voe - View of Brae Busta House Hotel Roesund Brig Roesund Southpund Lee Pobies Geo Knowe Gillarona 042 Burki Water 044 South Ham Burki Taing Roe Sound Stabaness Mavis Grind Brae Area

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